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It is possible to heal it


Worried about everything.... anxious.... mind races..... don't want to get up in the morning..... forgetful.... the tiniest of tasks seem insurmountable....... the feeling your life is falling apart and you aren't able to stop it.  You toss and turn, unable to sleep, your confidence disappears, and the hole you're falling into seems to get deeper and deeper. 

I've experienced all of this many moments in my life. Sometimes it went on for months. Sometimes it felt like years. So often it was as if I was trying to climb up the walls of that deep hole and rocks would slide down, I'd lose my grip, and get pushed farther into 'the abyss'. 


If you're in that place now, I want you to close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath, and envision yourself peaceful and content.  

You're able to concentrate, focus, create, and go about your day doing what you need to do without feeling like a million pounds is crushing your shoulders. 

You feel relaxed, centered, resilient, light. So much lighter. 


This is possible with this program.

Each day for 15 days, you'll receive an email with one action step.  

If you follow the action steps for the entire 15 days, you are absolutely going to feel lighter. Your muscles are going to relax. Your thoughts will slow down, and your productivity, whether it's at home or at work, will absolutely improve. 

".... I have been trying to follow her advice as much as possible and my stress level has decreased significantly! Thank you Shawna!! You really are very talented!!"

 Jackie S. 


"Shawna is a beautiful person.

She cares about her clients and is a gifted intuitive.

I definitely recommend her.

Her knowledge of mind body healing is extraordinary."


Hi! I'm Shawna Leigh.

I am a Medical Intuitive specializing in Health Transformation. I have also studied Mind Body Medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology & Advanced Stress Management. 

I am captivated by the healing process. I also have a passion for sharing what I know about how we are able to 'reset' this process to heal our body, mind, & emotions. 

For additional information about this course or one-to-one remote sessions, I'm always reachable at

  Health Transformation Specialist

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